The Hokkien Ministry started when there was a need to reach out to some Hokkien-speaking or Teochew-speaking parents of our church members and friends.  Most of these old folks were not schooled. The first meeting was in July 2004 with just only a handful gathered in Berea, the administrative centre of Holy Light Church (English).


As the years went by, more and more members brought their parents or relatives to the Hokkien Service.  We had a group of helpers who were not very fluent in Hokkien but just sufficient to communicate, who later became worship leaders or served in other areas. Praise God for their faithfulness and their willingness to learn. Without realising it, they were practising a scriptural truth from Proverbs 11:25b, "one who waters will himself be watered." We invited speakers from some Chinese-speaking churches whose ministers were able to present messages in Hokkien. A few of us could share in colloquial Hokkien



Image may contain: 16 people, crowd and indoorNone of us had foreseen that the Hokkien Service would one day be a channel of blessings to our old folks home, Hillville, which was established in 2009. Among the intake of the residents there were Christians. So we were able to bring these old folks to the Hokkien Service.  By that time, the Hokkien ministry worship services were properly organised with worship singing, prayers, announcements, messages, and Holy Communion which was conducted once a month. Today, because Hillville has increased its intake of residents, we get between 10 and 15 residents at every worship service.  Most of them are baptised Christians. We pray and hope that some who have not trusted in Jesus will one day surrender their lives to the Lord. 





Image may contain: plant and flowerThe Hokkien Service celebrates all its anniversaries. The first few anniversaries were used as outreach events. Evangelistic dinners then were organised and held in restaurants. We are grateful for the support of many main church members and friends who bought tables or seats to invite their pre-Christian parents, relatives and friends. Since we now have a beautiful and spacious church building, all our anniversaries are celebrated at the basement of FaithHall which is currently our regular meeting place. 







            Our regular attendances range from 30 to 45. We welcome members and friends of Holy Light Church (English) who have parents, relatives and friends who are still pre-Christians, to bring them to the Hokkien Service if they can understand either Hokkien or Teochew. Our singing session each Saturday is encouraging.  Members look forward to participate in the singing.  We have very simple songs like "Chin Chia Ho, Lai Sin Ya Sor Chin Chia Ho," which everyone enjoys. One of their favourites is praying for good health, "Choo Cheong Peng Ann Soo Hor Li", which is sung to the tune of a secular mandarin song of the 1950s. 


            The Hokkien Ministry covets your prayers regularly. May members and friends of the church continue to pray for their loved ones and be proactive. We need the Holy Spirit to guide and protect us. Pray that all helpers and servers are committed to their service and are encouraged to see the fruits of their labour. May the Lord continue to encourage all our hearts.


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